Companies Hiring Now in the U.S To Meet Coronavirus Demand


“Millions of people lost jobs or saw their wages severely curtailed last week as many companies shut down or cut back on operations. But the pandemic has also created a spike in demand for critical products and services, causing some of America’s biggest employers to scramble to try to hire workers at a time when parts of the country are going into lockdown.”

Supermarkets,  Retailers and Grocery Stores

Walmart: The nation’s largest employer, said it was looking to hire 150,000 additional employees in its stores and warehouses through the end of May. That represents a roughly 10 percent increase in its current workforce.

Dollar General: Was also making a direct appeal to workers who lost jobs as a result of the sweeping business closings in recent weeks. “For any individual whose job has been temporarily impacted by the effect of COVID-19, we currently have a number of full and part-time positions available across our stores, distribution centers, and private fleet network,” the company said on its website.

Raley’s: Raley’s is mass hiring for their eCart teams across many locations.

Kroger: Has 10,000 job openings at warehouses, plants and stores. 

Aldi: Aldi is accepting applications for part-time or full-time positions for cashiers, stock, associates and managers.

7-Eleven: has up to 20,000 job openings.

Meijer: This company currently has 1249 active jobs. 


Lineage Logistics: The largest refrigerated warehousing company in the country, is hiring 2,000 additional workers to meet a roughly 30 percent jump in demand in recent weeks. 

Amazon:  The company announced it is looking to hire 100,000 workers for warehouse and delivery positions.

Gordon Food Service:  open positions available all over the region.

CVS and Walgreens 

Walgreens: said it was hiring for about 9,500 existing full- and part-time roles in stores across the United States, including pharmacy technicians.

CVS:  CVS Health said it is looking to immediately fill 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary roles all across the country. Roles include the following: store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees and member/customer service professionals.


Gojo: Ohio-based Gojo makes the popular Purell brand of hand sanitizer products and currently employs roughly 2,500 people.

3M: Which makes N95 respirator masks, said it had recently doubled its output of the much-needed product to a pace of more than 1.1 billion a year. To meet the demand, 3M said it was hiring additional workers and adding shifts and new manufacturing lines.


Domino’s:  the pizza delivery chain, is hiring thousands of workers, including cooks, managers and drivers. In Chicago alone, Domino’s was looking to hire 1,000 workers.

Jet’s Pizza: is looking for workers at all locations in 20 states. Delivery drivers can make between $13 – $16 per hour, based on tips and mileage. Those interested in applying can call their local Jet’s Pizza location directly. 

Pizza Hut​: Pizza Hut announced it has 30,000 permanent open positions to fill, including cooks, managers and shift leaders.​

Papa John’s job openings

Food Delivery Services:

Instacart Shopper: On March 23, Instacart announced it will be hiring an astounding 300,000 full-time contractors for North America to deal with the demand.

Shipt: Openings in the low thousands.

GrubHub Driver

DoorDash Driver

PepsiCo: The company said they’re planning to hire 6,000 new “full-time, full-benefit front-line employees,” is having them start immediately.


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