What Is Resourcefulness? The Key To Creating the Life You Desire

I’m sick and tired of seeing people around me struggling.
I’m talking about great people, people that work hard, people that have great intentions, people that simply want a better life but don’t know where to start.
The truth is the way the world is setup right now, to them a better life seems out of reach. But what are they missing? We live in a world so full of resources that we’ve actually brainwashed ourselves into a world full of scarcity.
If you look around you can literally see billions of dollars and millions of opportunities right in front of your eyes every single day. Between the cities, the people, the internet, the businesses. There is money, resources, and knowledge flowing around us everywhere. Yet so many people can’t seem to figure out how to take advantage of these resources.
My name is James Westin and I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can learn how to leverage their talents and their resources to create a life they love. Do you want to know the difference between those who create a life they love and those who don’t? It’s not their
parents, it’s not the school they went to or their natural abilities.
The difference is these people have learned how to leverage five things:
-Their skills
-Their habits
-Their time
-Their money
-Their connections.
They’ve learned how to leverage these things to create the life they want. These people are Hyper Resourceful. These people are creators. These people find a way, they make things happen, and you can too.
What you need to learn is the number one skill that humans have used to thrive for millions
of years. A skill that we are no longer forced to learn anymore.
That skill is Resourcefulness. The ability to take what you have and create what you want. Resourcefulness is not a shortcut to success it’s not a cheat code.
Resourcefulness is a way of approaching life, it’s a mindset. It’s not accepting the excuse that you don’t have enough, but instead embracing the fact that you have everything you need in this world, you just don’t realize it yet.
I want to teach you this skill because once you are resourceful you will be on your path to creating the life you dream of. You and I have crossed paths for a reason so right now go check out my
website, subscribe to my youtube channel, and follow me on Instagram.
I made a promise to myself years ago that when I had something worth sharing with the world that I would put it out there.
Now is that time.
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