What To Do With Free Time

So you’ve got some free time and you want to put it to good use! Well I could tell you to go read a book or start a business or go to the gym but none of that would be very valuable to you unless you actually had a reason behind doing it.
The purpose of life is not just to keep ourselves busy whenever we have free time but it’s actually to create a life that we love.
Now your free time can either be your greatest asset or your greatest liability depending on how you use it. So I’m gonna discuss with you five really important concepts for you to consider when deciding what to do with your free time.
I’m glad you’ve landed on my channel my name is James
Westin and I teach people how to become more resourceful. If you want to learn how to take the things you already have in your life and use them to create the life that you want, specifically your top five resources:
-Your time
-Your money,
-Your skills
-Your habits
-Your connections
If you’re wondering what should I do with my free time in this video you’re gonna get a step by-step game plan of exactly how to figure that out and how to implement it into your life.
These are the exact same techniques that my clients and I use to create more freedom in our lives and to create the life that we desire.
Alright so step number one for what to do with your free time: Review your goals.
Get out that piece of paper, get out that notebook, get out maybe your vision board or that document on your computer where you keep your current goals and I want you to review them whenever you have free time.
Remember again what it is that you’re working towards. See our brain works like a servomechanism it basically locks on to a target and goes toward it but if we don’t set that target, if we don’t lock on to that target then a lot of times during our free time we’re not gonna go anywhere we’re not gonna move towards our goals. so if you’ve already got  your goals written down go ahead and review them. If  you haven’t done that definitely make sure you take this time this free time that you have and actually write down your goals and be clear about where you’re moving.
All right so number two for what to do with your free time: Take a second and consider being grateful.
There’s a lot of people in this world that don’t have free time, that are working two or three jobs just to support themselves and their family there’s lots of people that don’t even have a roof over their head. There are lots of people that don’t know where their next meal is gonna come from so take a second and really be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished in your life, what you’ve already brought into your life because when you focus on those things you allow yourself to attract more things like that.
So take this time right now it’s actually be grateful for a little while and ask yourself what else am I grateful for.
Maybe you’ve got really good health maybe you live in a really nice place maybe you’ve got the car you want maybe you’ve got the girlfriend or the relationship or the boyfriend or the life that you want or certain things in your life that you already have,  that you’re really grateful for. Take this time this free time that you have and actually be grateful for.
Number three for what to do with your free time I want you to consider going out there and spreading some love. What do I mean by this: I mean think to yourself who is someone in your life that you really care about. Someone your life that you truly truly appreciate that has been there for you that has done something for you maybe it’s a parent maybe it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend maybe it’s someone that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
I want you to consider reaching out to them and just showing them some love maybe just shooting them a quick text message or a voice message and saying hey you know.
I had some free time today you cross my mind I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you, how much I appreciate our friendship, how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me in my life, how much of a difference you’ve made in my life. This is going to not only make their day it’s not only going to spread that love to them and they’re gonna feel that but it’s gonna make you feel really good inside.
It’s gonna put you in a really good state for number four which is coming up next all right so what’s number four number four is you got to
get to work.
OK you’ve already reviewed your goals, you’ve already gotten yourself into a state of gratitude, you’ve already sent, some love to people that you care about and now it’s time to take your free time and really put it to work so your free time can literally be your greatest asset if you choose to use it correctly and during your free time you have the ability to do things like start a business, get yourself in the very best health that you’ve ever been, and see if you choose to go after your goals if you choose to discipline yourself and move towards them.
During your free time you can create lasting change in your life you can literally make something that’s going to change your life forever during this free time so number four you got to get to work.
My fifth and final tip for what to do with your free time I want you to consider taking some time and just relaxing okay and I don’t mean relaxing in terms of go lay in your bed and watch Netflix for six hours.  I mean actually relax disconnect put your phone down ,put away social media put your computer away put away the Netflix. Actually just relax, be a human for a little bit maybe meditate a little bit, maybe close your eyes, because the point of this is this, when you’re doing all, the other things that we’ve mentioned and you’re working really hard, you’re going towards your goals,  well you’re gonna get tired sometimes and so it’s important to actually deliberately take the time to relax and to disconnect, 
Now you’ve got five tips on what to do with your free time but not
only what to do but actually how to use it to create the future and the life that you desire. But what about how to keep yourself productive? I have another video coming out very very soon about how to keep yourself productive during that time so go ahead and subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bells so you know exactly when that video.
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