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What’s up everyone, James Westin here, welcome back to my channel, the best place for aspiring digital nomads, location independents, and remote workers around the world.

In this video we’re going to be talking about jobs you can work from anywhere in the world, I’m going to go over the 5 types of remote jobs you can get, and how to choose the right one for you. My goal with this series is to save you 100s of hours searching around the internet and years of your life trying to understand how this remote job market works. 

If you don’t already know me, I’m extremely familiar with the remote job market. I’ve not only been Location Independent and working remotely for over 5 years now, but I’ve also hired lots of remote workers for various positions within my businesses over the years.

Alright so first things first, let be clear: 

  1. This video series is about getting a NON-TECHNICAL REMOTE JOBs. Non-technical means these jobs do not require you to know things like complex computer languages.
  2. This video series is also Not about – starting an online business like dropshipping or affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in those things, I have other videos on my channel about that.

For now, let’s jump right in and talk about the 5 categories of remote jobs, then we will discuss how to find and choose the right one for you. You can also download my Remote Jobs Cheatsheet below and follow along with that, be sure to hit that subscribe button while you’re at it! 

Category 1: Sales and Marketing

Ok so this is one of the biggest categories of remote jobs, there are literally 1000s of different jobs and companies hiring every day. Sales and marketing jobs include any type of job that helps a company get its products and services to more customers. 

Jobs include social media managers, copywriters, ad managers, content creators, SEO managers, graphic designers, and even phone and video salespeople. 

The cool thing is that many of these jobs do not require a college degree and most of the skills and experience you need can be developed online. 

There are lots of courses on udemy, skillshare, youtube, and from professionals where you can learn how to do all these things. Once you learn, you can start applying for these types of remote jobs and getting more experience. 

Category 2: Administrative and Customer Support Jobs

Ok so administrative and customer support includes jobs like an assistant, a receptionist, a customer service rep, or a bookkeeper. You would be doing things like answering phone calls, emails, helping customers with issues, and organzing and filing reports. 

A lot of these jobs can be done at the entry level with little to no skills and experience to start. 


If you haven’t already downloaded my free Remote Jobs Cheatsheet – I’ve put a link in the description below where you can download it. I go over all the most common jobs in each of the categories i’m describing in this video series. Also, remember to hit the subscribe button while you’re at at! 

Category 3: Writing Jobs

Writing is still a HUGE part of business today. Becoming a great writer is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. 

There are many different types of remote writing jobs today from journalists and blog writers to grant writers and proposal writers. 

While becoming a great writer often takes months or years of practice, the cool thing about writing is that you don’t need to be an incredible writer just to get a job. Many companies simply need someone who can follow a format and come out with good written content for their blog or website. You can definitely get paid to practice and become a better writer!

(expand on type of writers – magazines, publications, essays for people, research papers)

How you get paid – by the word, by the page, by the blog post, by the article. 

Category 4: Consulting

Consulting jobs are basically all about sharing your knowledge and expertise with a company in order to help them reach success. There are many different types of consultants in all different industries and businesses. Some examples include financial consultants who help with money management, operations consultants who help with making business processes more effective and profitable, and human resources consultants who help with hiring, training, and managing employees.

In order to become a consultant you will need to have specific expertise in a certain area of business to offer. However, much like sales and marketing jobs, a lot of the knowledge and skills you need to become a consultant can be developed through courses and programs online. 

Category 5: Translation and Teaching

So this is another category that is super popular in the digital nomad and location independent community. I’m sure you’ve heard of people teaching english online. Well this is one option but the truth is there are 100s of jobs online teaching all different languages and subjects. From math and science all the way to middle school and even college courses, you can teach online. Some jobs require you to have a degree while others simply require you to have a high school diploma or be fluent in 2 or more languages. 

This other cool thing is translation services. You may or may not have noticed but all of my videos have both english and spanish subtitles. That’s because I hired someone to translate all my english subtitles into spanish. There are many companies that you can work for that provide services like this including voiceover translation too. 

So those are the main types – drop me a comment below and tell me which one you’re considering looking into further! 


Alright so now that you have a good idea about the different types of remote jobs that are out there – you’re probably wondering what do I do now? How do I choose the right one? How do I find one and actually get hired? 

Well I could sit here and start showing you websites with remote job boards and I could go over different companies that are currently offering jobs, but that’s not really what I believe you need. You can take the different jobs from my Remote Jobs Cheatsheet you downloaded below and start searching for those yourself. 

The real KEY to making money online long term is NOT finding the perfect remote job. 

Let’s be honest do you really want to get a remote job or do you really want freedom? The freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world is probably what you’re really after. 

Well the real KEY to make that happen is to approach this as a long term career path.

How do you do that? 

You need to FOCUS on developing in-demand skills and learning how to consistently provide value to the marketplace and get paid for it. 

I know you probably came here just looking for a LIST of remote jobs you can go apply for right now but I have something much more valuable for you. 

I call it the MVS Model or Most Value Skillset Model. 

I’m going to challenge you and tell you that you don’t need a remote job, you need an MVS. 

Your MVS is what you offer the online marketplace. Without a clear MVS, it’s nearly impossible to have any long term success and career advancement. Most people without an MVS just from job to job and never really have any long term financial stability online. 

Think of your MVS as a college major but without the 4 years of sitting in classes and learning things you don’t want to do. When you’re developing your MVS, you focus your time developing your skills, applying for the right jobs, providing lots of value to the marketplace, advance your career and get better jobs in the future. 

Eventually you can even transition to becoming a freelancer and even start a business or agency one day. 


Here’s an example of someone who successfully used the MVS model – Mike graduates high school, watches this video and decides: I’m going to make Graphic Design my MVS. 

So Mike spends the next 6 months studying graphic design during his free time. He starts with some inexpensive courses on Udemy and Skillshare and learns the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. He then starts offering to do free graphic design work for friends and family and people in groups online in order to build his portfolio and gain experience. 

Remember – the first goal is to develop a clear MVS. 

Once Mike has some experience and a portfolio he then goes online and starts applying for entry level Graphic Design jobs. After a while he lands one! Then, after about a year of doing graphic design full time, Mike decides to save up and buy a Graphic Design Masterclass from one of his favorite designers that he looks up to.

This new course allows Mike’s MVS to develop even more, he is now an above average designer. As a result he is naturally becoming more and more valuable and unique in the online marketplace. So he begins looking for more advanced and higher paying Graphic Design jobs. 

Mike then lands a job that pays almost twice as much as his previous job because he has everything the employer is looking for: his skill level is advanced, his portfolio is very impressive, he understands his value, and he produces incredible work. 

After a few years Mike begins taking on some side projects and becomes a part time freelancer. He does 1-2 extra projects a month and he’s making more money than he ever has before. Eventually, there are so many people that want to hire Mike for design projects, he decides to quit his job and become a full time freelancer.

As a freelancer, Mike now gets to price his projects however he wants, he chooses which projects he wants to do, and he sets his own hours.

After a while, Mike has built up a group of clients and he decides to hire another graphic designer to help him with all the projects. After a few months, he hires another and then another graphic designer. He now has a team of 5 graphic designers working with him. 

Mike has successfully gone from a high school graduate with no MVS to an entry level remote worker, to a freelancer and finally to a Location Independent Business Owner. 

How is this different from the way most people approach entering the online marketplace? 

Well, if you go out there right now and try to find the first job that you can do and get paid for, you may solve your immediate desire to make money and become a remote worker. 

But if you take the extra step to choose an MVS and then develop a career path around that, you will be setting yourself up for long term success. 

So here what I would do if I were you: below this video I put a link to my Remote Jobs Cheatsheet for you to download. In this cheatsheet I’ve organized the 5 categories I discussed in this video and also provided several examples of the most common jobs within each category. 

Download the cheatsheet and then do 3 things: 

  1. Choose 2-3 jobs that interest you and you would consider doing
  2. Go out and research each of them, read at job postings, find people who already have these jobs, and determine: 1. What skills would I need to develop in order to be successful at this position? What are the different components of an MVS in this field?
  3. Develop a plan of action for how you’re going to learn these skills. Is it online courses? Who are the best teachers in the industry? What exactly should you focus on learning first? How are you going to get experience? 

It all come down to one basic principle that I believe everyone needs to understand: 

Financial security comes from having in-demand skills that give you the ability to go into the marketplace, provide value, and get paid for it. 

It does NOT come from finding a job or having money in your bank account. 

That’s why the MVS model is so important – if you focus on developing the skills and becoming valuable in the marketplace, you will never have any problem finding a job or making money online in the future. 

As a business owner for 5+ years now, the hardest part of hiring is not finding people to apply for my jobs, I get 100s of applications. – It’s finding people who are truly skilled qualified to do the things what I’m looking to hire them to do. So I urge you to take the extra step and approach your Location Independence as a career path instead of a simply trying to make money online now. Yes, I know you need money to survive, but surviving is a long term problem. Getting a job is a short term solution for a long term problem. What I’m teaching you is how to solve a long term problem with a long term lasting solution! Hope that helps!

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